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Cleaning In & Around Your Home

So, you’ve finally renovated your new home and furnished it accordingly, but how do you keep it squeaky clean and in tip top condition? Cleaning the mess and clutter in your house can be a challenge, especially if you have pets or young children. As such, one thing you may consider is hiring an Atlanta deep cleaning service (or a similar service in your local area). However, if you fancy doing the majority of the cleaning yourself, the following handy tips can save you time and hassle:

In the living room

The living room is used frequently and can become messy and dusty very rapidly, so make sure to wipe dust regularly from the blinds, skirting boards, book shelves as well as any electronics and ornaments. A damp micro fibre cloth is ideal to clean away the dust from all the hard surfaces, leaving them sparkling. A vacuum cleaner (preferably a pet model) is brilliant to clean away any dust or pet hair from upholstery. Cleaning the floor around the house is a huge task whether its laminate, hard wood or carpet, therefore investing in a steam mop is perfect to break down grime and stubborn dirt, leaving your floor shining and smelling fresh. To clean hardwood floors naturally, consider diluting white vinegar in warm water with a drop of lemon oil.

In the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is not fun as it’s the room where the most stubborn grease is found! It’s very important to deep clean your fridge, especially in the summer months, to show some appreciation to the appliance that keeps our food cool all year round. The best way to do this is to carefully remove the shelves and drawers in order to soak them in warm soapy water whilst you clean the fridge from the inside. Stay away from using harsh chemical sprays to clean the interior and instead use something natural such as baking soda, lemon and vinegar to wash away the grime leaving a fresh smelling, sparkling clean fridge. Another handy tip is to use a tooth pick to remove any residue from the condensation channel on the back of the fridge. Beyond the fridge, don’t forget to thoroughly clean even the areas that don’t see regular food spillages, you’ll find that mess finds it’s way into every part of the kitchen despite the fact you may spot clean when you spill something on the countertop. An ear bud can be used to remove hidden residue from nooks and crannies, you’ll want to remember to get underneath the skirting boards around the kitchen to make sure you get any crumbs, oils or general mess that have found their way pushed into the edges of the kitchen units. Failing to do so can attract pests such as cockroaches or mice who wish to feed on the mess you leave behind, if you find that this is the case, then contacting a reputable exterminator, such as Aptive Environmental Pest Control CA (or the same elsewhere more relevant) would be a wise decision. Not only do these experts deal with the issue, they can treat the area so the problem doesn’t immediately reoccur, the onus is then on you to remember to keep the kitchen clean so it doesn’t happen in the future! Don’t forget to wipe the doors and handles around the kitchen with a damp cloth and some cleaning product in order to clean up any germs that may be lingering, these could be everyday germs or it could be more something like bacteria from raw meat that is lingering on your surfaces. If all of this seems overwhelming or simply too much to fit into your busy schedule, it might be worth contacting a company offering the Best Nashville maid service (or those elsewhere more relevant) in order to have this done on a regular basis for you, allowing you to come home to a pristine kitchen ready for cooking in.

In the bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you spend nearly eight hours sleeping every night, so to have a fresh smelling mattress, which is free from dust, will make your sleep time even more comfortable. Baking soda is your best friend, so sprinkle a little on the mattress before giving it a vacuum. You can also use a steamer to deep clean the mattress, because let’s be honest, we all tend to eat in our beds and enjoy its comfort when we’re unwell, so if your mattress has acquired some stains from spilt drinks or food, using a good upholstery cleaner which tackles odours is a good start!

In the bathroom

Nobody loves to scrub the toilet bowl or remove the mold around the bath tub, but it’s a job which needs to be done. Again, baking soda is a real gem for this, so sprinkle some in your toilet bowl, as this will help get rid of stains and neutralize odours. If you find that your mold problem is ingrained, then you might see the benefit in calling in companies that handle mold removal in Asheville, NC, or removal in your local area, so you can have it dealt with properly to make sure it doesn’t come back. To keep your bath and sink drains smelling fresh, a scoop of soda crystals with boiling water will make sure the plug holes are clean from any build up. You can also dilute baking soda and vinegar in warm water to leave the taps and shower head gleaming whilst banishing any limescale.

On a final note, don’t ever mix products as this can be dangerous to your health as well as others living with you. Try to opt for natural cleaning products as this is a particularly safe option for home owners who have pets or young children in the house.

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