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Must Have Essentials For Every Motorbike Owner

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With the costs of owning a car exponentially rising, there has been an obvious increase in the amount of road users opting for motorbikes instead! It’s no surprise because not only are they a much more affordable option compared to cars, but they are also flexible, environmentally friendly and reliable even in the most congested of environments. If you’re looking to swap your car for a motorbike, here are the must have essentials you need as a motorbike owner:

Motorbike locks

This is probably a no-brainer, but many motorbike owners seem to simply miss this! Motorbikes have been revealed to be one of the most likely means of transportation to be targeted by thieves. Whilst motorbike locks cannot guarantee against theft, they are a pretty good tool to deter the efforts of a thief. Therefore, it’s worth investing in a set of durable locks, preferably one for each wheel.


You’ve already probably invested in a decent toolkit for your motorbike, but if you haven’t, then now’s your chance! Toolkits are pretty handy for small maintenance tasks on your motorbike; you may want to include things like allen sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, cable ties and microfiber clothes. Also, you can never go wrong with a tyre inflator, because not only can you check the pressure on your tyres and re-inflate them if needed, but it is also a pretty good item to have in your toolkit in the long run, given that it can potentially save you from accidents and prevent you from getting stranded.


With it being law, motorbike insurance makes one of the must have essentials for every motorbike owner. Not only will it protect you from any liability if your vehicle is involved in an accident with another or injures an individual, but it can also provide financial compensation if your bike is vandalised, stolen or destroyed. Riding your motorbike without insurance is illegal, so you could be fined and potentially disqualified – a road you definitely don’t want to go down! You can compare quotes on the bike insurer in order to meet your personal needs and find an insurance package which suits you, so don’t delay.

Biker wear

It’s always a good idea to wear sturdy boots, cycling gloves and suitably protective clothing in order to provide you with a comfortable and sound experience when riding your motorbike. When riding during the night, it is sensible to wear reflective outerwear to make you more visible to other road users. Also, ensure that you have a comfortable helmet which can be fastened securely around your head, because not only is it a legal requirement, but it is also vital for road safety. Be sure to look at your options and ensure the helmet you decide to purchase is the right fit for you and facilitates easy breathing. Finally, whilst they aren’t a necessity, earplugs are becoming quite popular for motorbike riders because they can prevent hearing issues such as tinnitus and hearing damage caused by wind, traffic or engine noises.

And that’s a wrap! Is there anything else you would add as an must have essential for a motorbike owner?

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