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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Office Pod

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With more of us switching to working from home on a long term basis, it makes sense to look at creating a designated work space away from the usual office setting. Office pods are a new solution which focuses on providing a compact, spacious and secure area useful to create the ultimate environment to work in. Here are five reasons why you should invest in an office pod for your home today:

They offer privacy

Office pods may look small and seem tight, but they are actually quite spacious so don’t worry if you are claustrophobic and prefer larger workspace areas. Office pods are designed to be close knit environments as this helps with improving your focus when working on tasks without distractions. Not only does this enable you to remain on task and fulfil your duties in an efficient and effective manner, but it also prevents unauthorised access to your home office. Plus, a lockable door on your office pod is useful to ensure that your important and confidential files are kept in a safe and secure location, which is pretty brilliant if you have little ones at home!

They create a home and work life balance

Office pods are brilliant to reduce stress levels and keep both your personal and professional life separate. You can simply utilise them during your hours of operation and exit them when you’ve finished for the day. Plus, they are available in a large variety of designs, colours, sizes and layouts, so you are sure to find something which fits your interior design style. Whether you’d like on installed in your garden or in a certain space within your home, office pods are guaranteed to look modern and attractive, as well as creating the ideal working environment for you when you work from home.

They increase productivity

Office pods are specifically designed to reduce sounds both internally and externally, which is great to provide confidentiality when discussing certain topics with a client face to face or during a telephone conversation. Therefore, external elements will not be able to disrupt you or gather secure data about your interactions. Furthermore, as discussed in a previous point, a lack of external noises will boost focus as there will be minimal distractions.

They are portable

Office pods are versatile in terms of customising them to suit your needs. There are multiple layouts and sizes you can choose from and, if down the line, you think you’d like to update the model for a fresher look or change locations (due to moving home or switching rooms), it is extremely easy to dismantle and rebuild.

They are affordable

Office pods are more affordable when compared to building a garden office, considering the cost of materials and labour. If you’re thinking of renting out an office space instead, this may also be much more expensive than purchasing an office pod, given the extortionate gas and electricity prices as well as ground rent for commercial properties. Therefore, making an affordable one off payment or paying multiple small instalments for an office pod is much more cost effective for the long run.

So, if you’re looking to create a designated office space in your home or garden, office pods are the way to go!

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