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Introducing the LeJoy LD20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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You’ve probably already heard about robot vacuums, right? If not, where have you been? Not only are these newer models of vacuum cleaners efficient in cleaning around the house, but they also look pretty sleek, perfect to match a whole range of interiors! It’s pretty mind blowing to see how technology has revolutionised cleaning gadgets aswell. The latest robot vacuum model to hit the market is the LeJoy LD20 which makes the ideal cleaning companion due to its brilliant functions and useful features.

What makes the LeJoy LD20 robot vacuum so special?

The LeJoy LD20 robot vacuum is a circular shaped cleaning device equipped with smart laser navigator 5.0 sensors (LDS Navi 5.0). Not only is this laser technology an industry leading system to provide rapid and accurate navigation, but it also allows area mapping 50% faster than most other robot vacuums on the market. It also has pressure bumper located at the front of the device, enabling it to manoeuvre more effectively. With both these technologies combined, the LeJoy LD20 robot vacuum is spectacular when it comes to detecting dead ends and preventing itself from colliding whilst it is in motion during cleaning.

lejoy ld20 robot vacuum remote control

How can it be controlled?

The LeJoy LD20 robot vacuum can be controlled via an app using its built in 2.4G WiFi connection technology. The app can be downloaded straight onto your smart phone or tablet and it has a simple interface making it easy for anyone to use, even if you’re not a tech wizard! Not only does this allow you to have full control over the device when it comes to starting and stopping it remotely, but it also allows you draw and store specific area or routes you wish for the robot vacuum to follow when it comes to cleaning your home, as well as restrict it from entering certain spaces. The app also enables you to schedule cleaning, adjust suction power and keep watch of the real time status of the LeJoy LD20 robot vacuum no matter where you are. Alternatively, the robot vacuum can also listen to and act upon voice commands when paired with Alexa or Google Assistance. Otherwise, if you’re pretty old school, the device also comes with a traditional remote control.

How well does it clean?

The LeJoy LD20 robot vacuum automatically adjusts its suction power depending on whether it is positioned on carpet or hard flooring, such as vinyl or laminate. The device has two settings to choose from whilst cleaning; a 2400Pa powerful suction can be utilised to collect dirt in a standard 0.3L dustbin or a 0.6L water tank can be switched to in order to mop up stains for optimal cleanliness around the house. Furthermore, using the corresponding app, water drip levels can also be adjusted when the LeJoy LD20 robot vacuum is mopping. Additional sweepers can also be attached to the device to further enhance cleaning.

lejoy ld20 robot vacuum in action

How long does it last?

The LeJoy LD20 robot vacuum comes with a rechargeable LG cell-based 3200mAh lithium battery pack which provides a running time of up to 150 minutes. The device can be charged directly using the charging cable supplied or with the clever charging dock which comes with the robot vacuum. And that’s not all! If the LeJoy LD20 robot vacuum detects that its battery is low (20% or less), it will automatically use its laser sensors and navigation technology to detect and manoeuvre towards the charging dock – pretty cool, right?!

For £359.99, this robot vacuum can be yours as a treat to yourself or a special gift for someone dear!

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