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4 Essentials You Should Have In Your Home Garage

The home garage is the place in our homes where thrilling projects take place or where we take time out from the hustle and bustle of the world around us and enjoy some me time involving DIY projects. It is also particularly a great place for petrol heads who love to wash, wax and improve their car. Here are four essentials your home garage needs:

Handy Tools

This one’s pretty much a no-brainer. Common tools such as a hammer to bang down nails, a screwdriver set for those pesky screws plus hard wearing pliers for holding and bending objects are common in the garage. However, then there’s the power tools which is where all the fun starts! There’s plenty of choice when buying power tools, for example, the invaluable cordless drill is brilliant for putting up coat hooks and shelves, whilst the chop saw is great to make those precise angle cuts to create a master piece. A jigsaw is ideal for detailing and an air compressor is the perfect power tool for those deflated tyres as well as making painting a breeze. The main idea is to buy the right power tools that will assist you in your projects. Just be sure that you have the adequate skills to operate the power tools safely in order to avoid hazards and serious injury, because all power tools operate at an excessive speed.

Power Tool Organiser

Linking onto my last point, a well built power tool organiser with durable locks and heavy duty hinges is necessary in a garage in order to store all the power tools away securely. This makes it hard for thieves to break into and also give you a good habit of making an effort in placing your tools in a mannerly order with cords and wires safely coiled and tied ready. This also makes it easier to find your tools the next time when you need them quickly without the hassle of remembering where you put them.

Heavy Duty Workbench

It’s vital you put items in the garage that suit you and your projects. A heavy duty workbench with plenty of storage space is an essential piece in the garage in order to store away those tools and important car parts as well as provide a sturdy work place. An added vice to the work bench is of extra benefit to make jobs easier such as holding items firmly, bending metal or crushing things into place.

Car Lift

If you are obsessive about the look and performance of your car and like to do the maintenance of it yourself, then investing in a car lift for your garage is necessary to make things safe and comfortable for you, specifically when inspecting it from underneath. A car lift, such as the one from Strongman Lifts, in your garage will give you clear visibility and space to carry out home repairs of your car from changing tyres to tuning the brakes. A car lift is even useful if you have clutter and lack space in your garage, as it can give you much needed room to park your vehicle on the car lift in order to free space on the floor for other equipment. Make sure to lubricate the moving parts of the car lift every two or three months as well as check and replace the worn out cables and pads to make sure that the car lift has a prolonged life.

Many home garages are filled to the brim with useless items, so it’s worth checking out what you really need and what you hardly use to in order to free up space – trust me, it can get a little dusty in there which is not very pleasant! Just be sure to keep in mind the four essentials in this post.

Until next time.

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