kudd.ly cooling blanket

Staying Cool With The Kudd.ly Cooling Blanket

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It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year – Summer! With nearly all of us missing out on it last year, this year everyone breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced that lockdown restrictions would be lifted, just in time for a heatwave to head our way! The paddling pools and BBQs have been out for plenty of entertainment during the day whilst the air conditioning and fans have been keeping us cool during the night. I’ve been making full use of the Kudd.ly Weighted Cooling Blanket, and let me tell you, it’s been an absolute lifesaver during the sweltering nights!

Kudd.ly are a UK based business which are dedicated to creating high quality products which help people feel more calm, relaxed and happy. Their top seller is the weighted blanket, however they also retail cosy hoody blankets as well as luxurious, pure mulberry pillowcases and cushion sliders to name a few!

kudd.ly cooling blanket

But, let’s talk about the Kudd.ly Cooling Blanket specifically! It’s engineered using HydroCool technology to help keep you at a comfortable temperature and it consists of anti-rustle, micro glass sand beads which are encased in pocketed polyesters which provide extra comfort and optimal airflow to help improve breathing. They also weigh a whopping 5kg which is the perfect balance for relaxing and offering a subtle pressure to form around your body in order to give a sense of a hug which is great to help soothe away anxiety, stress and pain from the body such as restless legs! It’s particularly brilliant for those who have trouble sleeping as it eases you into a deep sleep much quicker than standard blankets.

kudd.ly cooling blanket

The best thing about the Kudd.ly Cooling Blanket is that it’s easily washable in case of any accidents. Plus, it’s available in two different cool colours; Blanc De Blanc (white) and Cooling Mist (mint green). Obviously, I opted for Cooling Mist to add a pop of colour to the otherwise neutral décor of my bedroom and contrasts nicely to my current bed sheets and pillowcases!

It’s currently at a sale price of £69.00 (with the RRP price at £129.00), so be sure to grab yours while you can!

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