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Why You Should Use Compostable Products In Your Home

If you’re keen in helping the environment then you’re more likely to be looking for ideas to implement sustainable ways of living in and around your home. One of the most popular ways of becoming more eco-friendly in your day to day life is to use compostable items. Compostable items are items that breakdown completely without leaving any toxins. Some compostable items are also suitable to turn into compost at home for your gardening needs whilst other compostable items need to be discarded off in industrial facilities. Here is why you should make the switch to compostable items in your home:

It helps to reduce waste in landfill sites

It’s no surprise that landfill sites are filling up due to nearly 14 million tonnes of waste being sent there every year, making our recycling rate a meagre 45% in the UK. Using compostable items can help reduce the discarded waste in landfills sites which are quickly filling up. This will also create fewer problems for the environment as a reduced amount of waste will be piled up or burned in incinerators and there will also be a reduction in transportation used to carry waste to landfill sites. Furthermore, you will also be helping to conserve beneficial resources which are needed to create new packaging.

It can be recycled to enrich the soil

Compostable items are great for recycling and turning into compost which is an incredible useful resource for your garden as it’s one the most important necessities to grow plants in order to make our home planet greener. By using compostable items, your carbon footprint can be greatly cutback and there is also less need for synthetic fertilisers, as organic materials will both enrich the soil and provide a habitat for many microorganisms that benefit us and the environment we live in. Many everyday products now use compostable materials, such as Halo’s compostable coffee pods,  which can biodegrade at home in as little as 28 days! Furthermore, compostable items can also help the world to be rid of polluting plastic which kills almost 100 million marine animals each year.

It minimises the release of greenhouse gases

We’ve all heard of the greenhouse gases back in high school, and how they are slowly destroying our planet. With the use of compostable items, there will be a decline in the release of greenhouse gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide to name two. Methane and Carbon Dioxide impact our planet negatively and are one of the leading causes of climate change by allowing the sunlight into our planet but blocking the Earth’s ability to allow the escape of its heat. Therefore, the use of compostable items can help reduce the intensity of these gases drastically.

On a final note, we should all aspire to switch to products which are environmentally friendly, especially as a number of businesses are manufacturing such items making it easier to find them. With the alarming rate at which global warming is accelerating, it should be our outmost priority to tackle this issue and do our bit to help our planet, because let’s be honest, there’s no Planet B.

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