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Important Renovations You Should Undertake In Your Home

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When it comes to home renovations it’s a time consuming task which requires a great deal of effort to complete for an ideal outcome. This is particularly true for decrepit properties which have been neglected for a while and require a little TLC to bring them back to their former glory! So, what are the most important home renovations you should be undertaking for your property?

Electrical & Gas Safety

First and foremost, electrical work and plumbing should be prioritised as these are one of the most complicated and crucial parts of a renovation. Both these form the basis of your home as they literally run throughout the entire house. It is important to hire a qualified electrician or plumber for either of these tasks, so that essential repairs are carried out correctly and that you don’t run into any issues down the line. There are also government regulations in place for both electrical safety standards and gas safety to ensure properties are protected and dwellers are safe.

Boiler servicing

By regularly maintaining and servicing your boiler, you can avoid costly repairs in years to come. Annual boiler services take less than thirty minutes, depending on your make of boiler, and will ensure your central heating and boiler stand the test of time. Remembering to get your boiler serviced on an annual basis can easily be forgotten which is why it’s a good idea to set a reminder in your diary or calendar or indeed take out boiler service cover with a reputable company.

Structural Inspection

A thorough inspection of all the beams, floorboards and roofing in your home should be most definitely considered. These components establish the foundation of a property, so if they are found to be damaged or infected with rot, it is important to repair or replace them as soon as possible to prevent structural damage or the spread of rot to the rest of the home. Just don’t forget to book a reliable skip hire!

Windows & Glass Roof

Another necessary part of renovating your home is to ensure the windows and doors of the property are in good condition. Not only do windows ensure that your house is well insulated, but they also provide an entry point for natural outdoor light. Furthermore, doors provide security for your home, so it is usually ideal to replace both on your home, if your budget allows, because not only can new ones modernise the appearance of the property, via coloured designs and double-glazing, but they can also provide you with a piece of mind, specifically if the current windows and doors look worn out and damaged. If your home has a conservatory, then it is important to ensure the glass roofs are in satisfactory condition as slipped glaze panels or rotten wooden roof ridges can cause leaks which can lead to further issues in the future, such as damp.

Internal Walls & Woodwork

Finally, when renovating your home ensure all the internal woodwork, such as door frames and skirting boards are free of rot. If they are in good condition, consider cleaning them or giving them a fresh coat of varnish. Also, be sure to check the quality of the internal walls; if there any holes, cracks or bumps, you may want to consider plastering them for a smoother finish.  

Whilst these are a few of the most important renovations you should consider undertaking in your home from my perspective, there may be other tasks you may have in mind – it all depends on the condition and age of your house. However, the ones listed above are quite critical for your own safety and protection of the property.

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