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The Most Popular Sports Video Games

Do you want to know which are the most popular sports video games? Many different sports are found in every single corner of the world, and every single sport is historically the favourite amongst the audience on a top level. So here we have a rundown list of the most popular sports video games in no particular order:


Golf was first played in 15th century Scotland, however not much is known about its origins. Today, golf is watched by people all around the world and players have become household names! Golf consists of players using various clubs to hit balls in a selection of holes in a course using the least amount of strokes as possible. The game requires a whole lot of muscular endurance as well as balance and coordination. Golf video games are highly addicting what with the innovative gameplay and realistic ball physics – which golf video games have you played?


Billions of human beings watch UFC during the year – no wonder there are so many popular video games created on this sport! This specific sport is performed between two opponents in which they fight using mixed martial arts. This sport was first founded someplace in 1993 and has since come a long way with its fair share of controversies! It is usually played in an indoor cage and has a set of rules regarding rounds, attire and outcomes.  Is UFC your favourite sport?


Five billion human beings watch soccer/football every year. This happens to be the favourite sport internationally. It is performed between two teams with 11 gamers on each side. You have to score with the aid of hitting the football through the opponent’s net. It was played for the first time in the mid-nineteenth century in Britain. It is performed on a soccer area in an outdoor stadium. FIFA is one of the most popular video game series alongside Madden NFL – have you played any of these?

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