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Urbanista Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Speakers are a popular piece of technology that have evolved and improved over the years. Gone are the days when they were extremely heavy to carry around and only offered poor quality audio. In today’s day and age, speakers have been improved in both size and performance, making them easier to store or carry around, especially for when you’re on the go. Modern speakers can also be connected wirelessly via their bluetooth connection!

The Urbanista Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of the popular speakers on the block coming in a variety of colours (pink, black and white) and a battery life of up to six hours. It comes in a stylish box along with a charging cable, making it great as a gift!

The speaker itself is a compact design, so it’s small enough to carry in your backpack or even your pocket. It’s surrounded by a rubber material giving it durability and added protection so it doesn’t get damaged on impact. It’s also waterproof (IPX 4) so you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning if a few drops of water land on it.

The handy on/off LED light indicator, on the speaker, is great for letting you know when the speaker is in use, whilst the bluetooth button makes it easier for finding and connecting devices. A red light near the charging port also lights up to warn about low battery – another useful feature! I particularly like how one side of the speaker provides the audio and the other side adds bass to improve the overall sound quality and realism. Also, it’s brilliant how the speaker can be used whilst it is charging, as the speakers I’ve had in the past don’t allow for it.

Overall, I think this little speaker makes for a great investment as it will definitely last a lifetime judging by its high quality materials and excellent audio. I also think it would make a great gift for any tech lover!

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