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5 Ways To Promote Philanthropy In Your Business

In recent years, many businesses have started to promote philanthropy by supporting a public charity, which they work alongside, in order to collaborate with or collect donations towards a specific project or certain good cause that the charity is operating for. Matt Redhawk is a popular entrepreneur and well known philanthropist who has helped many families become self-sufficient through his work. Supporting a charity is a great way for businesses to help spread awareness and inform their customers about a good cause they are passionate about and allows the community to come together in order to support the cause. It is also a great PR strategy for the business and can help to improve its reputation amongst its target market. There are many ways to promote philanthropy in a business – here are 5 simple ways your business can support a good cause:

1. Donate – Donating products which the business is happy to give towards the cause is useful as the business will know what is required to support the cause and how it will benefit them. Food products, which may be close to their expiry date, can be given to the homeless shelter so they don’t go to waste as well as help someone in need. Other products such as unnecessary furniture, which may end up in the rubbish dump, can be given to a charitable cause which can then be resold, as well as being reused at the same time. Cash donations are also useful to directly fund the cause.

2. Offer incentives – Businesses can offer to match monetary gifts which are given to the charity of their choice doubling cash donations which is a great way to motivate both staff members and customers alike. Businesses can also offer discounts for those who contribute towards giving to the chosen charitable cause to reward donors and creating a sense of community.

3. Volunteer – Businesses can support a chosen charity by allowing staff members to contribute their time to help a good cause. This can either be through working in a local charity shop, collecting donations by going door-to-door or spending time with the elderly at the care home. This will also be useful for the staff members to gain new skills or develop pre-existing ones, making it a win-win situation.

4. Sponsor events – There are many ways for businesses to make members of the public aware about a charity and the importance of its work. Sponsored events are great to get both staff and customers involved in a fun activity to raise money for a good cause. This can include anything from a short hike, to an exhilarating bungee jump or a simple sponsored silence.

5. Organise a funday – If you want to go all out, then organising an open funday event in collaboration with a chosen charity is a great way to champion a good cause and build good relations within the community. This is beneficial for both the business and charitable organisation for brand recognition and receiving donations from members of the public. By having stalls, competitions, games and other amusements, it will attract families to enjoy their time and have fun whilst getting to know the business and charity further.

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