3 Reasons Why Football Is My Favourite Sports

Taking part in sports activities is always a good idea, because not only does it help to improve physical health and fitness levels, but it’s also pretty great to help mental wellbeing too! With so many different types of sports to get involved in, it can get a little tedious when trying to choose which might suit your lifestyle – but don’t worry, there’s something for everyone; from hockey, cricket and football, to swimming, horse-riding and cycling, where you can either play competitively or at your own leisure. Personally, football has always been a sports I’ve enjoyed both playing and watching throughout the years, especially during special seasons when there’s a huge hype all over the world due to a global competition! So, why exactly is football popular all around the world and at the top of my list of favourite sports?

It’s a simple sports activity

Many sports require specific equipment such as bats, rackets and shuttlecocks or a designated place to play like a pool, track or ring. This can obviously add up to eye-watering costs which can be quite off putting, especially if it’s something you’re interested in doing for leisure. Well, the good news is, for football, all you require is a decent ball to kick around – pretty simple, right? If you’d like to splurge a little more, you can also purchase sports clothing or attend specialist coaching sessions to improve your skills further, however this is not a necessity.

You can play alone or with others

The best thing is you can play football alone as practice or your daily exercise routine by simply kicking the ball around and attempting to hit a goal. This can improve cardio levels and stamina as well as your mental wellbeing, because a little bit of running around and fresh air does everyone good, right? If you’re feeling a little more competitive, have a few friends come together for a casual match for some leisure time alongside improving your health. Not only is it a brilliant opportunity to keep up with your social circle but it’s also great to bring out everyone’s passion for the sport – it’s no wonder stadiums worldwide are continually packed with fans eager to watch their favourite teams play against one another and find out the premier league results!

It’s inclusive to everyone

Since football is based on the quality of control, touch and sheer method, it’s a sports which is open to nearly everyone, no matter your age, gender or size! Despite a common misconception that only well built and tall individuals can play football, this is absolutely untrue as the majority of the game focuses on individual speed and agility. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting involved with your local football club, don’t waste any more time; grab your kit and get into it! Furthermore, many professional players come from a variety of backgrounds, so it’s a great activity for those who are lacking the self esteem to try out more exclusive sports activities.

On a final note, if you’re looking to include a sports activity in your weekly schedule, give football a try – you won’t regret it!

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