what to watch this christmas

What To Watch This Winter

Even though winter is not officially here, the weather is definitely saying otherwise. So, what better way to enjoy the season than to cosy up with a cuppa and get stuck into a movie marathon?! Here are my top five movie picks for winter:

  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: This is one of those classic films which you can’t miss without seeing! Not only does it involve Christmas but it also combines both comedy and drama perfectly which makes it an unforgettable watch and great for all the family!
  • Die Hard 2: Or maybe watch the whole movie series in one sitting because the jam-packed explosive action with the occasional tense drama makes it gripping and is great for the long dark evenings!
  • Home Alone: A classic winter movie which definitely wouldn’t be missed of this list! It also makes a lovely Christmas watch because what’s better than watching a kid setting menacing traps to keep a pair of burglars out of his house?! It combines comedy, drama and action well to create a memorable cinematic hit!
  • Happy Feet: An animated feel-good movie with a great set of music numbers and some lovely comedic moments which makes it great to entertain the kids. Besides, penguins are cute, right?!
  • The Shining: Love a thrilling plot with a murder mystery and jump scares?! This one makes a great watch for adults and is addictive from start to finish!

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