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Family Time With Tactic

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There’s nothing like spending quality time with family, especially during the festive period. Not only does it help in forming close bonds with one another but it also creates beautiful memories, builds the self-esteem of children and relieves stress!

As a child, it was a family tradition to settle down with a board game just before tea-time. I still reminisce over the laughter, play and hours of fun we all had. It’s lovely to think back to those moments now that I’m trying to adult in the big world and I can only hope that my future family enjoys playing board games as much as I do!

So, when Tactic sent me a lovely parcel of games to try out, it was like all my childhood dreams and memories came to me all at once! I received Ninja Rush, Cool Catch, Jungle Runners and Great Tour. All the games are suitable for children and adults and involve a long duration of play. Therefore, it’s worth setting plenty of time aside to get fully immersed!

My favourite from the lot is Jungle Runners. It’s a fast-paced game and is based on winning a jungle race with your animal counterpart. It’s easy to set up and is great for kids too (perfect for when I’m baby-sitting my niece, haha!) As a graphic designer, I especially like the little details that have gone into creating a truly brilliant set of colourful characters and setting!

Anyways, I think I’m getting addicted to it now, as I’m off to play another round again!

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