whats great about autumn and how they are great

Reasons To Like Autumn

I think I probably make up 1% of the UK population who actually greets the colder weather with open arms. Besides, who likes sweating profusely in the hot weather? Atleast with Autumn you can layer up! What are you supposed to do in the warmth? I’m sure no-one will appreciate me stripping naked (ha!)

In fact, did you know that people born this season are thought to live longer? Also, people who live on the central area of the planet never witness this season! Moreover, Autumn was called ‘Harvest’ in the past in relation to the full moon which was essential for a successful harvest!

Anyways, here are some of the reasons I love Autumn weather:

  • Excuses to stay in bed all day
  • Eating comfort food with no regret
  • Hot drinks
  • Lighting all the candles
  • Wearing fuzzy socks
  • Blankets galore
  • Cosy knitwear items
  • Kicking about crunchy leaves
  • Early nights in with new TV shows
  • Halloween & Bonfire Night

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