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5 Snacks That Will Give You a Boost

It’s not uncommon to get peckish in-between meals, but reaching for a packet of crisps or sweets every time you want to satisfy hunger pangs isn’t great for your waist line or overall health. These foods can be very high in sugar and saturated fats, and in the long term, can make you feel lethargic and bloated. If you want to find better alternatives for your mid-morning or afternoon snacks, consider the following options that will help to give you a little bit of a boost instead.

  1. Protein Bars

If you want to stay fuller for longer and feel energised throughout the day, eating enough protein is important. While you should include this in your main meals, you can always buy a multipack of protein bars to keep in your kitchen cupboard and take one with you into work each day or whenever you’re on the go as a convenient snack. They will certainly help to tide you over until you get the opportunity to sit down for lunch or dinner and can be a healthier option over a chocolate bar, although always check the ingredients as some can contain more sugar than chocolate. Here are some of the best protein bars for you to try.

  1. CBD Gummies

CBD products might not suit everybody, but they certainly have become a popular choice with many. CBD gummies are sweets made with hemp extract, and many people enjoy them as a snack. Many have found CBD to help them get to sleep easier and generally feel more relaxed. Therefore, these snacks can help give you a boost by helping you get into a good sleep routine. You will not experience the sensation of being high as they have very, very low levels of THC, which means that you can enjoy CBD gummies as part of your normal routine.

  1. Nuts and Seeds

Another tasty, healthy snack that will give you an energy boost is a combination of seeds and nuts. This might be a light snack for some, but there are plenty of nuts that have a flavour that you can enjoy, such as cashews and pistachios. If you are going to choose nuts as a snack, be mindful of how many salted or flavoured nuts you eat, which can push you over your daily sodium intake. 

  1. Bananas

Fruit should appear somewhere on this list, and bananas are among the best fruits that will give you an energy boost and help fill you up. They are also easy to carry around with you but make sure they aren’t put in a bag with too much stuff; otherwise, they could end up squished! A lot of people also enjoy combining banana and peanut butter on wholemeal toast for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.

  1. Popcorn

Finally, if you’re looking for an alternative to crisps specifically, popcorn could be a great choice for you. It can come in both sweet and savoury flavours depending on your mood, as well as providing that satisfying crunch. In addition, it’s a lot lighter than traditionally fried potato crisps and is high in fiber and carbohydrates, which will help to boost your energy.

If you’re looking for something to snack on between meals that won’t be too bad for your health and that will give you a bit of a boost, try some or all of the above snacks to find out what one is your favourite.

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