light switches and plug sockets

3 Things To Consider When Changing The Switches & Sockets In Your Home

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There comes a time in a homeowner’s life, when it’s vital to change the light switches and plug sockets within their abode. This may be due to a much needed upgrade to prevent any electrical injuries or maybe so that the switches and sockets fit in with a new decorating style or lighting effect. Nevertheless, it’s important to take into account three important considerations when doing so:


With so many new designs and styles of light switches and plug sockets entering the market every day, it can get a little overwhelming deciding on the best one to purchase. I personally like the Lieber trailing edge dimmer, but there’s also the standard switch or a combination of both on one plate (which are pretty great for indecisive folks!) In regards to plug sockets, I’ve opted for these super sleek Lieber curbed edge USB sockets because not only will do they give a modern feel but they give me a dedicated socket for charging my phone without having to hog the plug sockets!

light switches and plug sockets


Whilst pretty much everyone’s well versed with the standard white light switches and plug sockets, in recent years there’s been major innovations leading to coloured ones which are brilliant to add a pop of colour to a room or even to match with certain electrical appliances! I’ve decided to stick to the usual white on this occasion, as it’s the perfect match to my plain walls.


From the usual plastic to the polished metal as well as modern glass and stately ceramics, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to the material of the light switches and plug sockets available to purchase. As a first time buyer, my budget was tight, so I opted for affordable plastic switches which get the job done, but down the line, I’d like to upgrade to on trend polished steel switches and sockets for a luxe look and clean finish.

On a final note, it’s always worth setting a budget when it comes to purchasing new light switches and plug sockets for your home, because trust me, the costs add up to eye-watering amounts, especially if you’re deciding on a little more luxurious styles! Elesi Lighting is a fantastic supplier of such products to suit all budgets, so do be sure to check them out.

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