yumbles food gifts hampers christmas

Festive Food Gifts With Yumbles

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Did you know Brits spend around £22bn during Christmas, with the majority going towards gifts and food? Well, what better way to combine the two than giving the gift of a food hamper? Yumbles do a wide range of food hampers for all different tastes and dietary requirements!

The Italiano Vegano hamper is one of the many vegans gifts from Yumbles. Retailing for £34.50, it comes in an attractive gift box and jam-packed with genuine Italian products which are of high quality and have a delicious taste. It includes:

  • Handmade Grissini ‘Rami’, Figulì 70g
  • Sicilian Olives, L’Ulivo 200g
  • Norma Sauce, Villa Reale 300g
  • Artisan Pasta Conchiglioni, Vero Lucano 500g
  • Oregano in bunch from Sicily, S. Caramazza 50g
  • Pistachio (70%) Pesto, Creme Rachele 200g
  • Limonata Sicilian Lemonade, Polara 275ml
yumbles food gifts hampers christmas

The handmade rosemary breadsticks (Figulì) make a fantastic appetiser, full of flavour and crunch. They are extra delicious when served warm with dips, tapenade or olive olive and balsamic vinegar. Rosemary and bread is definitely a wholesome combination plus these breadsticks can be kept for upto ten days in an airtight container!

yumbles food gifts hampers christmas

The artisan shell-shaped pasta Conchiglioni pair well with either the pistachio pesto sauce or the ‘Norma’ sauce – a typical Sicilian pasta sauce made with grilled aubergines. The dish can then be finished with the top quality oregano (which comes dried on the branches!)

yumbles food gifts hampers christmas

The ‘Nocellara Etnea’ olives are naturally large with a firm, crisp flesh. The volcanic soil, in which they are grown, gives them an intense flavour making them a tasty side. They are harvested early, left to ripen in brine and later pressed individually between two stones to preserve their taste and take on the marinade flavours.

And as for the drink, the refreshing bottles of Sicilian lemonade make the perfect accompaniment to the meal. These soft drinks are made from a fine combination of pure water and Sicilian lemons. They’re great to drink as a digestive aid, a thirst-quencher on a hot day or as a base mixed with other drinks. As a graphic designer, I particularly appreciate the retro style of the label and the classic glass bottle which gives the perfect vintage Italian feel!

So, if you’re lacking inspiration for the foodie in your life, definitely check out Yumbles – you’re bound to find something from their huge range of food gifts!

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