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The Impact Of Voice Recognition On Our Future

The inception of voice technology dates back to the year 1950. But over the last few years, it has made a comeback huge developments and much progress inside the world of business.

Voice recognition is taking into account some of the new and latest devices on the scene such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home.  Technology has been greatly improving all the time and also in regards to the voice technology medium as well. Google has raised the increased set of word recognition accuracy rate from below 80% to over the range of 90%.

Moreover, these devices are getting easier to use and interact with.  Hence there are around 45 million categories related with voice-assisted devices that are being used in the United States. Also, screen-less browsing is expected to increase by 30 percent by the year 2020.

This voice strategy is somehow turning out to be one of the main media for the sake of adding improvement in the customer experience. Voice recognition will help to optimize the customer experience that will foster greater relationships and build on stronger brand loyalty. Alexa or the Google Assistant have the feature regarding differentiating between the voices which can aid in giving different customers a set of personalised messages and content depending on their requirements. This would not only improve customer experience but also make brand interaction more natural and seamless.

Another major feature is that these voice search interactions would be taking much less time compared with text-based ones. This would be making the life much more convenient, making brands and customers more prone to use it.

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