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The Best Classic Fighting Games To Play

Sometimes, I love reminiscing about my younger gamer days.  I had gathered quite a few fighting games in my collection back in the days. There was just something else about orchestrating combos perfectly and ending fights with a gory finishing move. Here are my top five favourite classic fighting games that I enjoyed playing:

  • Street Fighter: I think this was probably the first ever game I played. I loved the characters and I especially enjoyed the bonus rounds. I also really liked the basic visual backgrounds and music to go with each of the stages.
  • Mortal Kombat: I started playing this when I got a little older as it was quite gory. I enjoyed performing the fatalities and found the Easter eggs entertaining to look for.
  • Killer Instinct: The fighting combos were really entertaining to perform in this game. I also liked the variety of characters as well as the 3D gameplay. The music soundtrack and detailed visuals were also a great addition to the otherwise basic game.
  • Fighters Destiny: This game was a little more slower compared to the other ones on this list. I wouldn’t recommend it for advanced gamers. However, it was enjoyable to learn the controls for the combo attacks and the 3D graphics made up for it.
  • Pokeman Stadium: I played this game when I wanted something more relaxing. It was pretty simple with the pre-selected moves to compete with opponents. This game definitely bought back fond childhood memories and I really enjoyed the amazing graphics and 3D animations which, at the time, were deemed to be exceptional. The mini games and remastered soundtracks were also a great addition.

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