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Learning To Code With Artie 3000

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Technology has grown to be part of our everyday life and has improved our way of living, whether it’s supporting education at school or assisting with tasks at work. It’s no doubt that it has helped us to complete our work both efficiently and effectively. There’s been a lot of widespread attention on ensuring children at school learn and develop coding skills in recent years, as it’s becoming more and more important, especially since there is a shortage of individuals in STEM careers.

artie 3000

Artie 3000 is a multi award winning, fun educational device for children which provides them with a creative way to understand and experiment with basic programming as well as delve into the world of geometry for endless hours of fun! It’s controlled by the in-built WiFi technology which serves as the connectivity gateway for reading controls and executing commands (so you don’t need an internet connection, pretty cool, right?!) It is compatible with either a computer or tablet on a suitable web browser and the bot itself requires 4xAA batteries in order to power up and be utilised. Moreover, it supports multiple languages such as Blockly, Scratch, Snap, JavaScript and Python!

In the box with Artie 3000, you can find pre-written instructions and designs so children are able to get the gist of basic coding before diving into the never ending rabbit hole of learning computer programming. It also comes with four washable marker pens in various colours, which can be used for the exercises. On to the bot itself, Artie 3000 is manufactured from a tough plastic material which makes up its sleek and shiny shell and enables it to be capable of handling a few accidents – it’s also pretty compact to store away too.

artie 3000

Artie 3000 is an excellent gadget to gift as a present for any occasion; know a kid with outstanding behaviour or have a birthday coming up? Then you need to buy this instantly! However, whilst it is mainly aimed for children between the ages of 8-12 years of age, it’s also pretty cool for anyone older who wants to brush up on their coding skills!

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