STEM Careers & Shortages

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In the past, I’ve written posts on careers in graphic design, but recently, after completing a qualification in PC technology, I’ve realised there’s a great shortage in young people taking an interest in STEM careers.

Let’s get serious, education is a fundamental part of life; it is required to gain the underpinning knowledge needed for a basic understanding and aid with development in a chosen subject. It also helps with acquiring the skills to get onto the career ladder in an occupational industry and find a suitable role to work in.

In recent years, there has been a major lack of individuals interested in taking up roles in the STEM field. The skills gap in this particular occupation, specifically the manufacturing industry, is ever growing caused by the retirement of Baby Boomers and disinterest of young people in STEM careers – mainly because there is a strong emphasis for higher education qualifications, and with the rise in interest rates, this makes it an unattractive career option.

However, due to the shortage of individuals taking up a career in the STEM sector (which is costing it around £1.5bn), young people training in this industry are guaranteed a job role because of the increase in availability alongside a higher salary then their peers working in other sectors. Furthermore, it is reported that individuals working in STEM roles have the highest levels of job satisfaction – this could be put down to the fact that there are continual opportunities for career development and job growth. 

Careers in STEM also create a meaningful impact to life as they revolve around science, technology, engineering and mathematics; areas which are utilised in everyday life and are a lifeline for many individuals. Young people interested in undertaking courses in STEM can look forward to cutting edge facilities vital for skills development as well as student focused laboratories which offer hands-on learning via automated systems, such as Doosan machines and Cobots.

So, if you’re a young person reading this or maybe someone a little more mature looking to retrain, a career in the STEM sector should be at the top of your list.

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