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3 Digital Side Hustles Which Can Boost Your Income

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Digital side hustles are a great way to boost income and gain a bit of extra cash, and since the Covid-19 pandemic came into existence, they’ve become even more beneficial for those laid off work in order to help them pay the bills as well as manage other household costs. There are many ways to earn a little on the side and boost your overall income, such as investing in stocks (which may be considered risky by some) or starting up an online business; some of the most popular ones are as follows:


Hear me out, bloggers may have been given a bad name, but that’s probably due to the few bad eggs. If you’re serious about blogging and not just in it for the freebies, it’s easy to build up a good reputation, engaged following and start earning some extra cash. You can do this through affiliate links, sponsored posts, product features and brand advertisements. There’s even the option to branch out into Vlogging, whether it’s becoming a travel Vlogger, gaming Vlogger or any other niche that takes your fancy. And it’s not just Youtube you have to stick to, as there’s now IGTV and TikTok which have changed the Vlogging game. Bare in mind, it may take a good few months to see fruition, so don’t give up straight away! Plus, there’s also the technical side of this option to get your head around. Just be sure that you’re passionate about what you’re blogging/vlogging about and never undersell yourself!

Graphic Design

Another digital side hustle which can boost your income is creating and selling graphic design. Since the rise of social media, there’s been a demand for affordable priced logos, headers and avatars. Plus, there’s been an increase in small businesses online, so there’s always a need for graphic designers to create eye-catching product graphics and persuasive business adverts. Trust me, people pay big bucks for graphic design to make their online profiles and websites look stunning. To make this hustle easier, be sure to check out the range of sites which provide high-quality images for free as well as a range of ready-to-use fonts, for example script style fonts online. There are also sites like Fiverr where you can post your services and easily acquire clients to build up a customer base. This can often lead to long term mutual relationships, plus the experience and skills you gain from this gig can help you secure a full-time role if you decide to go down this route in the future. If you want to get started in graphic design with an already-established brand, you should consider buying a graphic design franchise using Franchise UK.


One of the most popular ways to earn a bit of extra cash from a digital side hustle is by completing surveys online. Sites such as Swagbucks pay users to complete surveys and questionnaires from well known brands, so they are able to obtain market research. There are also apps which can be downloaded on your mobile device to find secret shopper roles around your local area or play games in order to get paid. This is a really interesting option and brilliant to discover new things, but it can get a little repetitive after a while. Nevertheless, it’s a great option for those who have other commitments or are housebound.

On a final note, these are just three popular digital side hustles you can earn a little bit of extra cash with on the side, however there are many more available online depending on your skills and experience, so be sure to do some research!

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