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Exploring the Changing Trend of Summer Holidays in 2021

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It feels like forever ago that we were able to jet off on a weekend abroad without any planning. In the current climate, planning a holiday for 1-2 years time still feels risky, and with these shifts in expectations comes a change in our summer holiday behaviours. In the midst of the current pandemic, it’s no longer a guarantee that every family will enjoy a two week holiday on the sunny beaches across the world. So what are we all looking for instead? We explore the change in trends for summer holidays in 2021, and how our travel priorities are shifting.

Increased domestic demands

The biggest shift of all comes in the form of domestic holidays which are often referred to as ‘staycations.’ In the UK, many families and groups are switching beach holidays in Spain for city breaks or coastal visits.

By booking a staycation in the UK, there’s increased confidence in your booking given the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many travel providers now sharing different policies and changing their prices, and different countries being added and removed from the green travel list, a domestic holiday grants peace of mind that you won’t be stuck abroad or forced to isolate with the attached fees when you return home.

Plus, staycations can often be much cheaper than travelling abroad. When you remove the high cost of flights and transfers, this creates additional spending money that can be used for activities during your staycation time. If you’re heading to Cornwall, why not book a surfing session? Or if a city break is more your style, learn to ski after a trip to the National Football Museum in Manchester!

Ultimately, domestic trips are currently providing more control and peace of mind for travellers in 2021.

Stick to what you know

After the last eighteen months of uncertainty, we’re all looking forward to some certainty and normality. This is reflected in recent research, indicating that just 32% of people interviewed were keen to visit a country they’d never been to before.

It’s going to take time for us to build our confidence as we edge back into normality, and this extends into the world of travel. This is why many UK travellers are looking to return to countries and resorts that are family favourites and familiar.

With so many new procedures and rules in the travel process, 2021 travellers are looking to visit places they know they’ll enjoy ready for a well earned escape.

Enter the road trip

Most of us are now accustomed to reducing our contact with other people, and this mindframe is likely to stick with us for a while. With this in mind, self-contained travel styles, like road trips, are increasing in popularity.

After the restricted freedoms we’ve all experienced since March 2020, there’s a huge appeal to a holiday that allows you to go where you want, when you want without the restrictions of schedules and rigid arrival times.

So ultimately, holiday trends for 2021 are focusing on increased autonomy, control, certainty, and a guarantee of relaxation rather than jumping for the most risque, adventurous travel options. 

Whichever summer trip you fancy, you need to plan your holiday carefully. Using a comparison site like cozycozy will enable you to compare options and prices when it comes to choosing the right holiday home, helping you to save money whilst making your holiday a memorable experience!

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