A Man’s Guide To A Happy Marriage

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Since being married for roughly 3 years now, I’ve learnt that marriage is a journey of two people coming together and going through life as one. No marriage is perfect but the effort, the patience, the understanding and compromise make it perfect. Here are a few ways you can make your marriage a strong, happy and long lasting one:

Communicate Often

Communication is an important factor in marriage that is taken very lightly these days. As a husband and wife, being able to communicate your love and honesty to each other is a driving factor to a strong and lasting marriage. When a couple has problems, communicating their likes and dislikes about issues around the marriage such as money, chores and kids is often avoided. This then worsens the situation and disputes arise that slowly drain the love and respect out of the relationship. So, always find time to sit together with a calm manner and talk about any issues that you feel need to be resolved; don’t brush them under the carpet.

Be Courteous

It doesn’t matter how many years you have spent being married to each other, when it comes to being respectful and polite to your other half, there are no excuses. When a couple start being rude and insensitive towards each other that’s when the real problem arise. Showing mutual respect and appreciation to one another even in difficult times is important to help understand each others needs.

Set Boundaries

Marriage is not easy sailing; every relationship comes with its ups and downs and living with someone under the same room 24/7 is challenging and can give feeling of suffocation which is why we set boundaries in relationships. Setting boundaries in marriage helps you appreciate each other more as well as gives you an understanding of what you can and cannot control in the relationship. When boundaries are set, the couple can grow in harmony because they already know about the dos and do nots, so they know when to draw the line. Consider a post-nuptial agreement so things are on paper and both parties know exactly what to expect.

Have Time Out

When you feel the pressure and feel like exploding, then that is the time to call time out. Small arguments in a relationship can quickly become world war three and individuals can become very quick to hurt and criticize one another, forgetting what the real issue was. Therefore, it is very crucial to call time out when things start heating up. Something to remember is not to start an important discussion when irritated, tensed or fatigued and always choose a time that is suitable for both partners to sit and discuss the matter in a cool and relaxed manner.

Avoid Comparison

Last and foremost, never compare your marriage to anyone else’s, especially in the era of social media where everyone is busy posting and tweeting pictures or videos of their happy lives, carefully choosing to show to us only specific highlights when in reality the whole picture can be the complete opposite. Comparing your marriage to someones else’s marriage can be a real relationship killer and make your spouse feel that they are not doing enough to keep you happy. Comparison can also slowly poison the love and appreciation created between two people and in return, turn it into bitterness. So don’t compare; rather look at the positives about your marriage and remain grateful to the things you have.

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