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‘Cool Kid’ Phone Cases

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One of the things I probably wouldn’t be able to live without is my mobile phone, and it’s amazing how fast they’ve developed throughout the years – remember those blocky things back in the days?! Yeah, I don’t miss them either…

Anyways, as a freelance graphic designer, I tend to receive a lot of messages and calls on my mobile phone regarding projects; basically it’s my lifeline because without it, I wouldn’t have much of a livelihood!

Since I’m all about the aesthetic (duh, it’s why I became a graphic designer) and as I’m a total sucker for all things nice in life, I enjoy dressing my phone up in all sorts of covers. Red Bubble is a great way to source inspiration for funky phone covers as well as purchase designs from independent artists – here are my top picks, all relating to the loves in my life!

From my picks, my favourite one has to be the Gameboy iPhone case; I mean, how cool is that?! The design has been done so well and it’s also available in three different materials depending on how durable you want it to be! Which one would you choose?

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