Why Minecraft Is So Much Fun

You’ve probably all heard about Minecraft, as it’s recently become very popular in the gaming world, but why? The graphics are basic and there’s pretty much no story line.

In Minecraft, what stands out to me is how players are able to use their imagination to building amazing things from blocky pixels – a tiny cabin or lavish palace? It’s totally upto you! There are a vast variety of environments to discover and there are also wee animals, that provide you with food and materials to build your life, when hunted. You can chop down trees, dig into the soil and even farm or mine some useful items. It’s interesting to explore this unlimited, open world, and it’s even more fun completing the different quests that come with it. There is also the option for multiplayer mode which adds more enjoyment when interacting with others!

And then, as it gets dark, the monsters come out to play and wreak havoc; this is where the fight for survival comes in. But once you take it out their fiery cages, things become a little more safer.

It certainly is an uncomplicated game which is great after a long day.

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