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Menkind Wishlist

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Menkind is one of those stores which is a real man cave. It’s bursting with the latest gadgets, cool accessories and boys toys. Their products are specifically handpicked by the team and then tested on individuals to build a popular collection of items. No wonder they’ve gone from strength to strength since being established back in 2001.

Here I’ve picked a few products I’d love to get my hands on from Menkind. They’ll give me a bit of leisure, whether that’s dunking basketballs into the net or taking the drone for a spin. I know the Assassin’s Creed bath robe isn’t really associated with technology, but it’s something I couldn’t resist adding to my wishlist.

The thing I’m most excited to get my hands on is that wall climbing car! I mean, how fun is that?! A car which can actually be steered on walls and ceilings! It also has working headlights and comes in three amazing colours. I also think it’s pretty affordable for what it does and its rechargeable natures makes it worthwhile.

Air hockey is another game I’ve enjoyed playing since childhood! Having the chance to play it again would be a dream come true. It’d also coax me into fitting some exercise into my daily routine! I just can’t wait to get my hands on these items soon!

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