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A Day In The Life Of A Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelancing maybe a dream for many. I mean, who can say no to the flexibility, a relaxed uniform and being able to call the shots?! Not only is there unlimited earning potential, but alot of costs are also cut down whether that be from commuting or forking out at lunchtime and social evenings with colleagues. However, there are downsides: isolation, no guaranteed paycheck and hustling 24/7. Here’s a day in my life…

9am: The alarm bleeps loudly and wakes me up. I check my mobile phone for messages or calls from potential clients. My entire day depends on how many projects I’ll be taking on, so I have to keep on top of all communication. I also take time to keep my social media updated and have a laugh at a few memes.

10am: I get around to my business, get dressed (ha, yeah right – pyjama day it is!) and have breakfast whilst starting up my computer. It houses the main programs I use for my projects, as well as pending digital designs.

11am: I’m not a morning person, so starting work at this time is ideal for me. I make a start on a project or finish a pending one depending on client deadlines. This is my favourite bit as I love creating digital graphics from hand-drawn ideas!

12pm: When it comes to this time of day, I like to complete atleast 1-2 projects. Ensuring that my clients are happy with the outcomes and collecting payments is essential for me. I then message and call more potential clients for projects to work on in the afternoon.

1pm: Lunchtime! I usually grab a filling takeaway or have something prepared at home. I also try to run a few errands after eating so that I’m up-to-date on all aspects of my personal life.

2pm: It’s time to get back to my home office and start preparing some initial designs for new clients. This involves a lot of communication back and forth, as its essential to come to mutual agreements regarding design expectations as well as deadlines and payment schedules.

3pm: It’s nearly the end of my working day. I start on finalising some pending designs and collecting payments from current clients. I feel such a sense of achievement when I have another completed project with an excellent client review!

4pm: Just before I can kick back and relax, I create a few pre-made designs which can be purchased and instantly downloaded on my website – there’s always something new so keep an eye out!

5pm: I make sure to log off by 5pm as it enables me to keep a good work-life balance, which is essential so I can switch off and keep my creative juices flowing when it comes to the next day.

And there you have it.

Until next time.