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5 Ways to Ensure Your Business Printers Are Secure

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In any business environment, a printer is important for hard copies of documents. As a freelance graphic designer, I require this piece of hardware to print draft designs, reproduce copies of contracts as well as invoices and billing statements for tax purposes due to being self-employed.

Unfortunately, criminal hackers are becoming more and more advanced with their methods to illegally access private information. Since printers contain a hard drive so that they can queue print jobs, they can be hacked fairly easily when the appropriate measures haven’t been taken to print securely. Most recently, there was a case of a hacker who took control of printers worldwide so he could urge individuals to subscribe to a famous Youtuber’s channel. Want to avoid the hassle of something like this going wrong with your business printers? Well, here are five ways you can ensure your business printers are secure:

1. Update Your Software Regularly

With up-to-date software, especially new security patches, you should always be one step ahead of a hacker. If you stick with old software, however, they’ll be able to outsmart you and access your documents.

2. Adjust the Security Settings on Your Device

All multi-functional devices should have the ability to only print once the user has entered a code or scanned an ID card. This prevents print jobs from being left unattended on the printer and possibly stolen or misplaced.

3. Device and Network Encryption

Device encryption will help protect data that is stored on the printer’s hard drive. Network encryption will protect data whilst is being transfer from the computer to the device, and is especially important for businesses who have remote workers.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Printer

Make sure your printer is located in a place where people can see it so that there’s no risk of someone tampering with it.

5. Talk to Your Staff

Employees should be educated on office security so that there is less risk of them making silly mistakes. All staff should have passwords on their devices and be careful with sensitive documents.

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