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Taking Things To The Xtrem With Smart Bot Robot

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What better way to spend the holidays than testing out the new Xtrem Smart Bot?! It’s the perfect toy if you ask me, what with all it’s interesting features, striking colours and tough materials making it a life-long friend. Plus robotics are fast becoming an essential part of our everyday lives making them even more fascinating.

xtrem smart bot robot

The Xtrem Smart Bot Robot is packed with 50 programmable actions and gestures. It also has manoeuvrable capabilities in all four directions so it can walk forwards, backwards, sideways and can also dance! The handy remote control allows ease of use whilst it’s rechargeable nature gives it a lengthy battery life, so hours of fun can be had!

The Xtrem Smart Bot has cool bright red LED eyes which can display a variety of facial expressions and it can also emit realistic robotic sounds. The robot has built-in motion detection sensors which can recognise hand gestures and interact with the user as well as enable customised functions to be programmed into the robot which can be saved to use the next time around.

xtrem smart bot robot

Whilst the Xtreme Smart Bot is only available in one colour, it is an amazing toy which makes it the perfect gift for children and adults alike as it will keep them occupied for hours. The developers of this advanced system, paired alongside the durable materials, have produced a great toy at an affordable sale price compared to other robots on the market.

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