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Gaming With The Gioteck VX4 Wireless Controller

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The new year always brings a whole host of gaming associated releases. This year the VX4 wireless controller by Gioteck was one of the first accessories to catch my eye with a stylishly sleek design and added improved comfort when used for long gaming sessions.

This particular model features a wireless bluetooth connectivity and can be used for both the PS4 console and computer PC although it may not be straight forward to pair with your PC. It also comes with the quick-fire triggers to have advantage on your foes in-game, precision D-pad for faster response and anti-slip rubber thumb sticks for maximum grip and comfort especially for competitive games. The controller format is that of the traditional PlayStation layout so it is easier to operate.

The Gioteck VX4 controller comes in many colours and connectivity methods such as wireless, wired and wired with audio support. The wireless version connects with Bluetooth whilst the wired capability is usually activated through using a micro USB cable, which is also needed to charge the controller.

The VX4 controller is fairly lightweight compared to the standard PS4 controller, but it lacks the light bar feature which can be a disadvantage as it is an important factor for some PSVR games and when needing to communicate with the PS camera. However, this isn’t much of an issue as this is also the case for many other 3rd party controllers out there on the market too. One of the key perks of this controller is the price tag as it is budget-friendly compared to the official PS4 controller. However, it does seem a little fragile but this can be easily fixed by purchasing an appropriate controller case.

Overall, the controller makes a great addition to any gaming station and is both compact and sleek making it perfect to store away. Paired with a controller case, it seems like a durable controller which will last a long time. Finally, it is also fairly cheap to purchase compared to the official PS4 controller.

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