x gaming pc mouse with multi coloured led glowing light and rapid fire button

X Gaming Mouse

A couple of days back, my biggest nightmare came true. My mouse stopped working! So, I weighed up my options and purchased the X Gaming mouse.

The X Gaming mouse is an affordable computer mouse which is designed for gaming and work. It’s made from strong, black plastic and coated with a rubber material to provide durability and additional grip. The X Gaming mouse is ergonomically designed to provide optimum comfort during use. I particularly like the LED lights that illuminate through the cleverly placed plastic patterns. 

The mouse has an assortment of buttons alongside the standard ones and a scroll wheel in between. The two additional buttons on the left can be binded in-game to allow ease of use, so one can carry out actions faster than usual. This is great for intense games as you can configure the buttons for certain activities. Then, there’s a DPI button which allows users to alter the speed of the mouse. Another great feature for gaming when one needs to change the character POV or face another direction.

The best feature of all? The X Gaming mouse has an auto button which simulates the left button action and triggers an action multiple times. So, gamers can use this to repeat specific movements at a rapid rate, such as turning the semi-automatic gun in Counter-Strike or Call of Duty fully automatic. 

For something that I purchased last minute, I am very impressed with the quality and controls of this mouse. Also, for roughly £5, I don’t think I could do any better!

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