turtle beach p11 vs px21 gaming headset review

Turtle Beach P11 vs. Turtle Beach PX21

I love playing games with the volume on maximum and the sounds blaring out of my speakers. But, there are times when this isn’t possible and that’s where gaming headsets come in. To fully immerse yourself and experience a game, it’s important to hear every single sound. From the quiet breathing of your character to the full blown explosions. It all adds up to the overall gaming quality.

I’ve tried and tested many headsets but the Turtle Beach brand continues to crop up in mind; particularly the P11 and the PX21. The P11 provides good head comfort and large earcups which enhance sounds and help to give a better gaming experience. However, it’s only compatible with a PS3 and is quite bulky. It also has the same volume controls for both chat and gaming and it’s cable is short.

On the other hand, the PX21 is compatible with the PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. It has the ability to enhance sound through bass boosting and has separate volume controls for chat and gaming. It also comes with excellent sensitivity, so that gaming audio can’t be heard by the players you’re chatting to. An added bonus is that it has a longer cable and is lightweight. However, this can cause it to be quite fragile and snap easily. Furthermore, the earcups are small and thin which do not make it comfortable for long periods of time.

I certainly know which I’d pick.

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