comparing the 2 popular led strips to light up the inside of your gaming pc tower

ThermalTake vs. Corsair LED Strips For PC

In my spare time, I enjoy building my own PCs using a variety of components and tower cases. My favourite part is installation of the LED strips to create an amazing glow within towers! However, there are so many different types and brands of LED strips. So it can be difficult to choose the one which is most appropriate. I usually opt for the ThermalTake or Corsair ones – let’s have a closer look at each.

The Thermaltake LED strips have 12 chips per strip and come with a remote controller to change colours. It also includes colour changing software to install on your computer and the required cables to operate it. It’s also supported by both AI voice control and Amazon Alexa. The ThermalTake LED strips use magnetic strips so they can be easily installed and removed. There are also plenty of colour combinations to make the tower look impressive. Furthermore, there is the option of syncing the colours with the Razer Chroma keyboard lighting. However, it can be a very precise and time-consuming job trying to install 3 individual strips.

On the other hand, the Corsair LED strips have 10 chips per strip and come with all the required cables. The lighting colours of these LED strips can only be modified through a software which needs to be installed on the PC. However there are plenty of colour combinations and effects available. Similar to the ThermalTake ones, these also use magnetic strips, so they can be easily installed or removed. This particular pack comes with 4 individual strips. One major downside is that there is no controller available to change colours remotely. Therefore, in most cases I prefer using the ThermalTake LED strips, rather than the Corsair ones.

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