the popular on-the-go game pokemon go and why it is so fun and enjoyable

Pokémon Go Review

I remember back in the days, I would always wake up bright and early to watch an episode of Pokémon. So imagine my excitement when Pokémon Go was announced. There seemed to be a huge influx of people interested and I also wanted to get in on it. It was definitely going to be BIG in the gaming world!

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game in which players are assigned to one of the three teams and are able to go around their surroundings in the real world to collect Pokémon. They can also take part in battles to gain ownership of prestige and gyms. It’s definitely a great way to have fun and motivate individuals to get some fresh air, meet new people and discover places.

However, there have been some privacy and safety issues reported. Relationships between trainer levels and combat points are not explained well. Also, battles are basically tapping-based combats which get dull after a while. Furthermore, the app tends to drain battery life pretty fast and freezes a lot due to bad reception or slow servers.

Overall, Pokémon Go is a highly addictive game offering a huge unmissable social experience. However its gaming mechanics have a lot left to be desired. There needs to be some depth developed to it and more features added, such as leaderboards and trading. Otherwise the whole community will fall apart.

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