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Why Left 4 Dead Is Still A Thing On PC

You’ve probably heard me raving about the Left 4 Dead gaming series before. Eventhough the second instalment in the franchise was released back in 2009. it’s still one of my favourite games. There’s been rumours rife about a third release, but at the moment, they are just that. Rumours.

However, both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 are still quite popular in the PC gaming world with a huge active community. It comes to no surprise because who doesn’t like slaying zombies? But then again, Valve have also been continuously pushing updates to fix bugs or glitches. This means that the servers are still alive and working!

Moreover, there are endless new downloadable maps which are created by the community. There are also plenty of downloadable mods for a better gaming experience. It’s no wonder that it’s still a thing on PC and I continue to enjoy playing it!

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