gaming picks of 2014

Gaming Picks Of 2014

I know it’s not the end of 2014 yet, but this post serves as a kind of reminder to the games I enjoy playing and the ones I’m excited to try out. As I’m a gaming nerd, it’s usually difficult for me to pick my favourite games, however after much thought I’ve chosen the following:

  1. Destiny: I’m really looking forward to playing this game because first-person shooter video games top my list. The trailer also looks intriguing with an open world, space-themed storyline. Plus, there’s plenty of missions, and you can play with friends too!
  2. Forza Horizon 2: Another open world game I can’t wait to try, but this time as a car simulator! There’s also the opportunity to compete in races to unlock more cars and I love the cool heads up display. The overall graphics also make for a good quality car driving game.
  3. Titanfall: Now, this is an incredible multiplayer game where players compete against each other in a futuristic world. Think mech-style titans with continuous action and plenty of battle gear. It surely does make for a thrilling gaming experience!
  4. Farcry 4: Another first-person shooter game with a lot of action and adventure. It consists of an open world environment where players can explore their surroundings with a variety of transport methods and complete missions. The story line looks really interesting and totally consumed my attention too!
  5. Call of Duty (Advanced Warfare): From the well-known franchise Call of Duty comes this game. It consists of futuristic soldiers with an action-packed campaign and an engaging plot. There’s the option to play in multiplayer mode or the newly developed survival mode. I can’t wait for this one!

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