cod black ops 4 review

CoD: Black Ops 4 Review

One of the most popular, first-person shooter gaming franchise is back with another instalment in its series; yep, it’s no other than Call of Duty! So far, Black Ops 4 seems to be the best edition released with a specific interest in multiplayer modes. It also has better developed additions to both Zombies and Multiplayer modes.

Black Ops 4 introduces Blackout, a new battle royale game mode, which acknowledges the rest of the games in the series. It also has added more zombie maps and remastered maps (such as FIVE) to its collections, and developed former multiplayer maps. It also allows players to change perk machines to how you would like them.

However, much of the content seems similar to Black Ops 3 and there’s also a lack of a campaign. Furthermore, the emote action feature can be exploited to look around corners and the game itself requires an internet connection to be played.

Nevertheless, the newer maps make the game more interesting as well as the new game mode, Blackout. Furthermore, I have been a long fan of this gaming series to give up on it now, and I can only hope future instalments go from strength to strength and the game developers listen to their fans more.

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