Avoalre Running Socks

Why You Need The Avoalre Running Socks In Your Life

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Whether you often find yourself on your feet or are an avid runner, you should pay attention to the type of socks you purchase. Not devoting enough time to your sock selection is a big mistake because quality socks will keep your feet dry and warm, whilst ensuring you’re comfortable throughout the day. High quality socks provide a barrier between your feet and your shoes; almost like a shield – to prevent blisters and other food problems. Therefore, it’s essential in investing in athletic socks, such as these Avoalre Running Socks.

Tell me more about Avoalre

Avoalre is a brand which was born from an aspiration to create suitable athletic socks for those who lead an active lifestyle. It prides itself in not only sourcing materials and designing the socks, but also carrying out a variety of moisture absorption performance tests, friction and endurance tests to ensure their socks do exactly what they state!

Avoalre Running Socks

What makes Avoalre Running Socks different?

The Avoalre Running Socks come in two different colours; grey/black and grey/white, so you can pair them with both casual and formal outfits. They also come in four different sizes making them ideal for both youngsters and adults. These socks are made out of a weaving thread count of 200 needles to ensure a high quality, firm and wear resistant product. Furthermore, they contain a 500% elasticity to create a streamlined human body arc wrap design which adapts to all types of feet.

And that’s not all! The Avoalre Running Socks boast the Coolmax component which not only is moisture wicking, but also breathable via the novelty ventilation lanes, without making surfaces slippery, so say goodbye to smelly feet! Moreover, these socks have a raised heel to protect the ankle, by conforming to the arch of the foot, reducing frictional contact with the diameter of the shoe and preventing abrasion or blistering in the neck. The contact of the sole is specifically treated with thickened terry cloth, which acts as a shock absorber to facilitate movement.

Avoalre Running Socks

What’s the deal with Coolmax?

Coolmax technology is a family of polyester fibres that are designed to regulate temperature and beat the heat! They work by transporting moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric, where it quickly evaporates to keep a cool, dry and comfortable environment. If you’re concerned about your impact on the planet, Coolmax technology is made from recycled resources, so you can dress sustainably without a worry that these socks will affect the environment negatively.  

How do they fare in the long run?

The Avoalre Running Socks come in a pack of three and retail for £17.99, which is actually cost effective, as these are guaranteed to last almost a lifetime due to being manufactured with over 30% of nylon. Furthermore, the snug fit of these socks are pretty fantastic for preventing cramping, fatigue, swelling and muscle recovery caused mainly by plantar fasciitis. The left and right labels also provide a more personalised fit to give better support to the feet in order to avoid foot injuries. Therefore, these Avoalre Running Socks are well worth the investment!

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