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What Pack of Christmas Cards to Choose

Your Christmas to-do list is ready, your Christmas tree is decorated; all that’s left is getting packs of Christmas cards, and if you come from a large family or maybe you’ve got an endless list of friends and colleagues you want to share some festive joy with, a unique and creative selection of Christmas cards is your best bet. The options are many, with many festive designs ranging from recyclable to charity cards. You can visit any store (for example, here) with a lengthy list of people you want to send the cards to with or without gifts and get the perfect card for everyone, depending on your relationship with them.

Types of Christmas Card Packs

At Boomf, you will have access to a range of beautiful Christmas card boxes containing 10-20 cards. The price range depends on how many people you want to send it to. All the cards are festival themed, with different cards in each pack. The 10 or 20 cards in each pack are identical in size; some have similar designs but different themes. Here are the types of Christmas cards you can get:

  • Grandpa and Grandma’s Christmas cards
  • Charity Christmas Cards
  • Babies Christmas cards
  • Flutter cards
  • Boomf bombs
  • Ta-dah cards

Unlike single cards, some packs of Christmas cards cannot be customised. You cannot change the cover or add any text inside. It all comes with pre-written texts. All you have to do is write the receiver’s name and find a place to squeeze in your own message. Such cards are perfect for those who have little time or desire to write a personal message inside every card from the pack. There are also packs of blank Christmas cards for you if you are not feeling too lazy to manually write a message on each card.

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Do you get envelopes for each card in the pack?

What’s a Christmas card without envelopes to match? Many Christmas card packs containing 10 or 20 cards have a corresponding number of envelopes inside. Simply fill in the card and send it to the recipient.

Who can receive your pack of Christmas cards?

Pretty much everyone you know. If you’ve got so many people to send the cards to, you want to go for pre-written cards and simply write people’s names on them. On the other hand, you can save separate cards for those you want to manually compose a message.


Buying packs of Christmas cards is much better than buying them singly because it is cheap, and you get more value for less. Check out Boomf for more festive cards for events such as birthdays and Halloween.

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