Testosterone: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Testosterone: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Despite advances in modern medicine and a greater emphasis on living a healthier lifestyle as well as promoting positive wellbeing, it seems men still have poorer health than women, leading them to a shorter lifespan and into their graves much earlier. Honestly, I hate to be morbid but these facts are alarming and guess what the majority is all down to? One single hormone – Testosterone.

So, what is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone (and an anabolic steroid) which is found in humans as well as animals, both male and female. This nifty chemical is produced by the body in order to help assist with the development of an individual as they are growing through the various stages of life until they become an adult. The production of testosterone is highly increased during the puberty stage and starts to slow down around the age of 30.

Why is testosterone important for men?

In the male body, testosterone plays a vital role during the age of puberty in order to help assist the development of the bones in the body. It also helps the body to store and maintain body fat alongside bone & muscle mass. Remember noticing your voice getting deeper and getting your first chest hair? That’s when the levels of testosterone started to rise in your body to help increase the production of red blood cells and increase sex drive as well as aid with the development of your reproductive organs and assist with sperm production. Clever, eh?

Well, why do men need to keep it at an optimum level?

Having an abnormal amount of testosterone produced by your body is not a good sign and can cause many health problems within your body thus affecting your lifestyle. One of the most common problems people face with the surge of testosterone is the development of acne, which normally occurs during the puberty stage of life, however, this can easily be treated. On the flip side of this low testosterone can cause many health issues like chronic fatigue, loss of muscle, and erectile dysfunction. If you find you are suffering from any of these symptoms or have any concerns it is worth finding a medical practice like this TRT Lehi clinic that specialises, in low testosterone and men’s health. You will need to have a blood test to check your levels, but once you have your results back you can consult with a medical professional to come up with a treatment plan that will work for you. Furthermore, chronic pain can also become a major disturbance in life (drug free pain relief is great for this!) Therefore, it is important for us chaps to seek medical advice, especially if you feel like something’s not right.

Tell me how us men can keep it at an optimum level…

There are many ways to help your body optimise the testosterone levels within you, such as getting active, whether that’s simply taking a jog around the block or hitting the gym – the choice is yours! Another thing to consider is your diet; yep, you’ve probably heard this plenty of times but you are what you eat. To help maintain your testosterone levels as well as assist the body in development, be sure to get your fill of proteins, fats and carbs using a balanced approach. If you love the sun, there’s good news for you, as testosterone levels can be evened out by getting some vitamin D! if this is not an option for you, then there’s also vitamin D supplements available to purchase over the counter. Finally, be sure to catch up on your sleep, because, believe it or not, getting quality rest is essential for normal testosterone levels.

On a final note, if you’re still concerned about your testosterone levels or overall health, be sure to seek medical advice, as there’s always a fix for pretty much everything nowadays.

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