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The VonHaus Oscillating Tower Heater

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It’s that time of year again when Winter starts to creep upon us, bringing its chilly temperatures with it. It’s also the perfect season to lounge around at home with a set of cosy PJs and a cup of delicious hot cocoa in front of the telly! Vonhaus has also got you covered with its stylish oscillating tower heater to ensure your home stays warm throughout.

The 2000W PTC heater is both compact and lightweight, and with its modern style, its perfect for a variety of settings; it can be used in your home office, living room or bedroom! Its advanced ceramic material and nifty oscillation feature delivers safe, powerful and energy efficient heat transfer making it cost-effective too.

The brilliant LED display helps to navigate through the heat settings easily as well as to display useful information such as the temperature and output power. The heater can also be controlled through this interface, however it can also be operated wirelessly via its remote control within a 3-metre range making it convenient to use.

The tower heater also has many different handy settings including operating on a low temperature, timed heating, desired output temperature as well as the two power settings which allows the user to input a temperature so it continues to heat the room until the desired temperature is met in which case it will turn off – if the temperature drops, the heater will turn back on again.

The heater also has built-in safety features to detect overheating of the system which will switch the heater off in order to prevent damage or fire. Furthermore, the tip-over switch ensures the heater will automatically turn off if it tips over.

Vonhaus has developed a great heating system with ease of use functionality, keeping in mind the modern user’s eye for aesthetic. For £64.99, this heater is an absolute steal.

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