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Brew The Perfect Cuppa With WeeKett

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Kettles are one of the most popular kitchen appliances found in every household these days – it’s pretty much an essential and one of the most handy inventions to exist, allowing us to instantly access boiling hot water with a click of a button. And that’s not all; over time, with the evolution of technology, kettles have also advanced, such as this WeeKett Smart Kettle, which can be used via a WiFi connection and an app on your phone (as well as compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home) – sounds incredible, right?

weekett smart kettle function

Compared to standard kettles you can probably purchase at your local superstore or home retailer, the WeeKett Smart Kettle has plenty of more features and has been designed with a specific audience in mind – for those with mobility issues, for tea lovers, for new parents and for the time conscious. The kettle can be activated from anywhere in your home and a notification is sent straight to you once the optimum temperature of your choice has been reached. The WeeKett Smart Kettle is also ideal for heating water for baby milk according to NHS guidelines and keeping it warm for upto one hour. Furthermore, it has four different temperatures to choose from in order to brew the perfect cuppa!

weekett smart kettle boiling water

I particularly like the nifty protection system in place on the WeeKett Smart Kettle which prevents dry-boiling events if one forgets to refill the kettle; not only does this useful function automatically shut off the kettle, but it also disconnects the appliance from the network and alerts you of this via the app, so you know the kettle needs refilling.

For £79.99 (plus free delivery), it’s simply a product you cannot miss out on! The WeeKett Smart Kettle is a lightweight and robust appliance made from durable steel with a safety button to press when it comes to refilling. The unique power plate also makes it incredibly easy to use and a lifelong companion in the kitchen, so if you’re looking to upgrade to a new kettle, be sure to take a look at this one first!

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