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New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not really one to create a set of goals for the long term, because I know life has unexpected twists and turns more than anyone. However, since I want to really improve my blog, I’ve decided to write down a few new year’s resolutions I’d like to meet in regards to my blog by the end of 2017. Here goes:

  • Continue to write one post per month – At the moment, this really suits me but I am thinking of increasing the number of times I post. This is because I really enjoy content creation and having my own space on the net!
  • Reach 700 followers on Bloglovin’ – I’m so close to this, so I really need to buckle down and think of a strategy to reach a bigger audience. Maybe, I’ll even do a giveaway to celebrate!
  • Reach 4000 followers on Twitter – Again, another goal I’m really close to, but I need to think of strategies to gain a better following! Does this call for another giveaway?
  • Increase my blog traffic – Something I’m already working really hard on. I think the majority of my traffic comes from Twitter, so promoting posts on there will help me meet this target!
  • Create a media kit – As a freelance graphic designer, I’m onto this but I’m looking for some guidance on what to include and how to display it. Keep your eyes peeled, maybe I’ll write a post on it!
  • Monetise my blog – I have no idea how to accomplish this goal, so I’m thinking of hiring someone to help me with outreach, email management and securing collaborations. Watch this space!

Until next time.

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