review of the apple iphone 7

iPhone 7 Review

So, guess who got their hands on an iPhone 7?! After using Android for years, I was converted to being an Apple lover by one of my close friends and I’ve never looked back since then. Every time Apple announces its next mobile phone model, there’s no doubt that it’ll be piquing my interest!

The iPhone 7 comes with a 4.7″ Retina HD display with 3D touch and resolution of 1134 x 750 pixels. It is splash, water and dust resistant. It also comes with the A10 fusion chip making it a fast little machine. It has a 12MP camera with 5x digital zoom, optical image stabilisation and various different modes, as well as 4K resolution, 2x optical zoom and 1080p video recording. Furthermore, the iPhone 7 is available in 4 different colours; rose gold, gold, silver and black. It’s available in 32GB or 128GB of storage with a respective price increase.

The iPhone 7 is a lightweight and thin model with an excellent processor. It offers 14 hours of talk time on 3G, a brighter screen and dual speakers. This handset also boasts a new pressure-respondent home button and double the memory space. It’s camera performs much better in low light, making it great for dark shots.

On the other hand, there’s no headphone jack and Apple expects you to fork out for costly AirPods. Also, the handset design has nothing new to offer and is similar to the previous iPhone models. Finally, there have been rumours that the jet black iPhone 7 model can get easily scratched.

Nonetheless, due to this iPhone model starting with a smaller storage space, it is available for a cheaper price tag compared to other iPhone handsets, making it easier for individuals to get onto the Apple bandwagon.

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