LDK.AI multi colour gaming mechanical keyboard

LDK.AI Multi-Colour Gaming Keyboard

I recently decided that I needed to upgrade my gaming keyboard, as I spend the majority of my time on the computer. So, the text on the keys were fading away – not a good look!

I opted for the LDK.AI Multi-Colour Gaming Keyboard. Not only was it at an affordable price for me, but it was also mechanical which gives a soft touch when typing. This gaming keyboard also comes with multicoloured LED lights which create an amazing bright glow from underneath the keys. Plus, there’s an on/off switch if you wish to turn them off. I’m also really impressed with the lightweight and simple design of this gaming keyboard.

However, the plastic material makes the keyboard feel quite cheap and delicate. There is also a lack of keyboard clips, so it can’t be held in a slanted position for ease of use. It’s also difficult to enable scroll lock whilst the backlights are off. However, despite these few setbacks, I’m pretty impressed with how affordable this mechanical keyboard. It has great lighting features and I really appreciate that it’s not heavy. I would definitely recommend it if you are willing to look past the cons.

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