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Considering A Hair Transplant In Turkey

I don’t tend to blog about personal issues on this blog of mine, but I’m hoping this post can maybe help someone reading it out there. I’ve always had quite thin hair and with the onset of puberty, well, it only got worse and I realised my hairline started to resemble two mountain peaks. Hair loss can be an upsetting matter, especially if it starts occurring at a young age. I’ve learnt that harmful chemicals in shampoos, conditions or styling products are mainly to blame for damaging the follicles causing them to weaken or die out leading to hair loss. However, genetics can also be at play here (thanks dad!)

In regards to treatment, I think I’ve pretty much tried them all – massaging the hair with various pure oils on the market to strengthen the roots of the hair and prevent them from falling out again, avoiding harsh hair products as well as taking vitamins to encourage hair growth. But this was all done to no avail. Now, I’m not saying these methods don’t work at all; they do! But only by simply slowing down the balding process. So, hair loss can pretty much be a permanent issue and there is absolutely no way of stopping this from happening. But, as most of you may know, the medical industry is continually developing, what with all the technological advances being made. Most recently, there’s been an introduction of a new surgical procedure which can help many individuals overcome this issue and resolve the worry of becoming bald at a young age. Hair transplant surgery consists of extracting hair cells from another part of your body and planting them into your head, where hair growth is desired.

There are numerous clinics around the world which provide this treatment with varying price tags. The one I’ve come across is a hair transplant clinic in Turkey known as Capilclinic. This private clinic provides a lifetime warranty if you purchase the hair transplant surgery package through them at a price of £1,950. They also have a gallery on their website with before and after photos of previous client hair transplant results in the past year which really helps in assuring you that the surgical procedure really does work. The ‘About Us’ section also displays more details of the surgeons (Dr Oguz being one of them) involved in this remarkable practice including their photos and educational background so you know you are in good hands, as they are incredibly experienced in their field.  The best thing about this clinic is that it is much more affordable compared to clinics in other countries with exactly the same procedure and the website also breaks down where your money will be spent specifically, such as hotel booking, airport chauffeur pickup as well as other facilities to ease your trip abroad.

I’m really considering undergoing this hair transplant procedure via the Capilclinic, because not only will it help my physical looks, but it will also put my mental wellbeing at ease knowing that I’ll be in the best hands for this procedure and I’ll also be paying a fraction of the price compared to other clinics worldwide.

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