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Fitting Furnishings For The Festivities

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A couple of months back, I moved into a place of my own. I’ve previously touched on how I plan on decorating my apartment and now that I’ve officially flown the nest and finally settled in, I’ve been able to put a few of those points into practice.

Since becoming a married man (yes, it still feels weird saying that!) I feel that I’ve had to put more of an effort into home life, and as Christmas is fast approaching, I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to work with Wayfair.co.uk who have kindly gifted me a few furnishings to bring together my living room and add a festive touch to the place!

As both myself and my other half try to encompass minimal living into our daily lives, we’ve found that investing in high-quality pieces in all aspects is the first step to decluttering and living a more conscious life. Wayfair is one of the world’s largest online shopping destinations for the home and boasts a portfolio of amazing brands.

Living in an apartment can be quite restrictive but also a huge blessing. The past couple of months, we’ve learnt how to maximise our living space whilst also being flexible with what we have. For example, the luxurious chocolate-coloured waffle throw is actually for the bed but since it’s pretty versatile, I’ve thrown it onto our sofa! It’s incredibly soft, fluffy and lightweight making it perfect for those cosy nights in whilst watching the telly.

furnishings furniture wayfair festive season christmas

My initial decorating plans also included incorporating various shades of brown in a variety of textures. The solid oak coffee table was an absolute steal at £10 from a charity shop downtown; a simple wax polish has made it as good as new!

The faux leather cube pouffes are another brilliant, multipurpose piece for our apartment – they can be used as a footstool, extra seating or as a table rest. The best thing about them are that they are firm yet soft, and they can easily be wiped clean (handy for when my niece is around!)

When it came to choosing a rug to place in front of the fireplace, we were very indecisive. Wayfair sure do have it all! After going back and forth through the webpages, we settled on the shaggy chequered rug and I think we made the best decision! Not only does it make the mustard coloured carpet underneath pop, but it also brings the whole room together. I also quite like the shaggy feel of it as it adds to the warm ambience and cosy air of the room.

furnishings furniture wayfair festive season christmas

Since we’re trying to minimise the use of plastic waste in our home and actively encourage minimal living, we’ve decided against buying a Christmas tree (all those decorations are a huge no-no!) Instead, we’ve opted for a few ornaments which are adaptable for all year round (and a metre of tinsel to entertain my niece). So, the Carsonhill floor lamp has made the perfect corner piece and space-saving alternative to a tree!

furnishings furniture wayfair festive season christmas

Finally, the acrylic crystal pendant is a beautiful fixture which compliments the rest of the living room decor. It’s also easy to fit and stands out to give a lovely sparkle to the interior. To be honest, I’ve never really been too fussed with light fittings in the past, but seeing the selection on Wayfair (and a little coaxing from my other half), I just had to pick something! Safe to say, I’m glad I did!

And that’s a wrap. I’m really pleased with the way the living room looks and my other half is pretty ecstatic about it as well! Now onto our next project; the bedroom! A huge thanks to Wayfair for collaborating with me on this post.

Until next time.

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