electronic gadgets i need in my life

Electronic Gadgets I Need In My Life

Technology has become a major part of our lives. It’s no surprise that people are increasingly using electronic items to carry out daily tasks. Whether it be mobile banking or ordering takeaway through an app, it makes life so much easier!
Electronic gadgets are important to me in both my personal and professional life. As a hobbyist gamer and freelance graphic designer, the electronic items in this post are essential for me. These may vary depending on what I do on a day to day basis, but for the majority of the time, these are my most used technological items:
  • Mobile phone – Needing this speaks for itself. It allows me to stay in contact with family and friends as well as clients and sponsors.
  • Headset – I use this during my gaming sessions as it enables me to interact with other players.
  • Graphics tablet – This is an absolutely essential gadget for my freelancing job. It’s great for illustrations and creating basic outlines of designs. It also works wonders for adding intricate details to pending ones.
  • USB – Another one which speaks for itself. Having additional storage is important to keep a backup of projects and being able to work on the go.
  • Moleskine smart notebook – A new electronic gadget which I’ve recently been introduced to.┬áIt’s incredible for instantly turning hand drawn notes & designs into a digital format.

Until next time.